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DVD and Blu-Ray of "Wine The Green Revolution" film are released, they content the 82 minutes film with more than 2 hours of bonuses...

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DVD and Blu-Ray Content

Wine The Green Revolution 82 minutes version

French version with english subtitles


From the vineyard to the corking of the bottle, making wine is a craft in wich each detail counts. The world of wine has experienced early the sensation of losing contact with earth. To get the best from the grapes, winemakers increasingly apply the pratices of biodynamics. This method of biodynamic agriculture is to think in complex agricultural organizations in the presence of animals and cultures, in total harmony nature.

"Wine The Green Revolution" presents real challenges of biodynamics in the world of wine following the work of exciting and charismatic winemakers (Bret Brothers, Aubert de Villaine, Olivier Jullien...) whose priority is to respect the earth and to transmit it to future generations.

2 hours of complements

French version with english subtitles

  • Aimé Guibert
    • History of the old vines of Daumas Gassac (6'43" length) UNRELEASED
    • The Terroir of Mas de Daumas Gassac (10'17" length) UNRELEASED
  • Richard Leroy and his Chenins du monde (7'35" length) UNRELEASED
  • François Chidaine, another vision of plowing (5'50" length) UNRELEASED
  • Patrick Hudelot, the path to biodynamic agriculture (8'42" length) UNRELEASED
  • Thierry Germain, Saumurois by adoption (3'05" length) UNRELEASED
  • Olivier Pithon, at Calce in the Roussillon (6'00" length) UNRELEASED
  • Nicolas Jacob, viticulturist at Domaine de la Romanée Conti (7'49" length) UNRELEASED
  • Cyril Fhal, le Clos du Rouge Gorge in the Roussillon (7'55" length) UNRELEASED
  • Thibault Liger Belair, Wine Grower by passion (9'31" length) UNRELEASED
  • Domaine Philippe Gilbert, The path to biodynamy (5'45" length) UNRELEASED
  • Marc Guillemot, Maria Thun vs Alex Podolinsky (3'36" length) UNRELEASED
  • Pierre et Vincent Masson, Biodynamie services and biodynamic preparations (5'29" length) UNRELEASED
  • Pierre Masson
    • Demeter, the biodynamic brand (5'43" length) UNRELEASED
    • The lunar rythmes and the astral rythmes (5'29" length) UNRELEASED
    • Agricultural past and future of the biodynamy (3'05" length) UNRELEASED
    • Should we adopt a biodynamic philosophy ? (3'23" length) UNRELEASED
    • Can we speak about organic wines ? (2'20" length) UNRELEASED
    • Esca and Eutypiosis, diseases of degeneration (2'43" length) UNRELEASED

DVD BLU-RAY Wine the green revolution

A production: Amétis - Dahu Production - 2011

Musics: Henry Torgue et Serge Houpin (Editions Hopi Mesa)


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