Specification Sheet

Title: Wine The Green Revolution

Film making: Guillaume Bodin

Script: Guillaume Bodin

Filming: Guillaume Bodin with the help of Silvère Cheret

Sound: Guillaume Bodin with the help Silvère Cheret

Editing: Guillaume Bodin with the help of Jean-Noël Roy

Music: Henry Torgue et Serge Houpin (Edition Hopi Mesa), SilvR

Calibration: Marie Oudin

Sound mixing: Silvère Cheret with the help of Guillaume Bodin

Post-production: Studio 400 coups -Jonathan Klein

Producer: Univers Ditvin - Guillaume Bodin

Distributor: Univers Ditvin - Guillaume Bodin

Country: France

Filming place: France

Format: XDCAM EX 1080p25 (35 Mb/s VBR)

Genre: Full-length documentary

Budget: between 40 000 and 50 000€

Length: 82 min

French released date: March 16th 2011


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