Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss, Alsace

Marc Kreydenweiss is the 12th generation of a winegrowing family in Andlau in Alsace.

The family is fully involved in the Domain. Marc Kreydenweiss never asked his children to work with him, he simply succeeded in passing to them this passion and the desire to work in the vienyards and also the pleasure to drink a great bottle of wine.

Marc Kreydenweiss began biodynamic farming in 1989, he simply feel the duty to respect the soils and the longevity of the Domain. So the future generations will be able to plant vines and to appreciate the wine of this terroir. Biodynamic farming is the only way to achieve that. Antoine Kreydenweiss is proud of the inheritage than his grandparents and great grandparents let to them.

In Andlau where the Domain is located, they own 14 hectares in the appellations Alsace and Alsace Grand Cru. The family also own a winery in the south of France.

The wine style is the expression of the terroirs. It's also minerality, finesse and freshness.

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Famille Kreydenweiss - Domaine Marc Kreyndeweiss - Andlau, Alsace

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