Le Rouge et Le Blanc n°105 - Summer 2012

Le Rouge et Le Blanc n°105"Le Rouge et le Blanc" is a quarterly review free from any advertising of organic or biodynamic wines..

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Better than speaches, images that give view of vineyards and winemakers full of life, real life! Images of biodynamic cultivation, a hymn to the quest for balance and harmony, the song of the earth.

Wine: the Green Revolution

The film by Guillaume Bodin (2011,82 mm, Production Universditvin, Éditions Montparnasse)

This Haut-Savoyard is passionate about viticulture (HND "Viti-Œno"), Bodin started working in the Domain Tripoz in Macon, France. But upon discovering biodynamy, he was driven straight to film making industry. Exploring the life of man and soils of wine-makers and wines, true meaning to the word "terroir", a word that usually been used to disguise the miserable reality behind a productiviste viticulture.

Wine: the Green Revolution

PosterThis is the practical engagement of soil being tested.

According to Pierre Masson and Dominique Massenot (two biodynamics consultants), “Fertilising the soil is balancing it, exactly as the cattle would do on a cultivated soil.”   

In the film, we follow the Bret brothers (Domaine de la Soufrandière in Macon) throughout the times of the year. Bodin introduces and follows Olivier Jullien, Thierry Germain, Sylvain Lochet, Aubert de Villaine, Richard Leroy - "Adding sulfur to solve wine issues is like solving social issues using police force... " - Thibault Liger-Belair, Jean-Baptiste Granier, Jasper Morris, David and Nicolas Rossignol-Trapet or Frédéric Servais (Domain Poncetys responsible for the agricultural High-School in Macon Davayé). Through out these experiences about wine and wine-makers apart from all this, step by step various means have been applied in order to produce good quality fruits and therefore good quality wines, genuine and vibrant wines that speak on behalf of the local sources.

In addition to the 82 minutes film, the DVD offers bonuses including testimomies that concretly reveals the practices of differents wine-makers.  Aimé Guibert, Richard Leroy, François Chidaine Patrick Hudelot, Thierry Germain, Olivier Pithon, Nicolas Jacob (Head of cultivation in “Domaine de la Romanée-Conti”) and Cyril Fhal. Here, we are well distance from all type of prepagandas surrounding the industry “biodynamics”.

A good and possibally educational documentary that has been quite successful through out the world. For more information about the documentary or its differents screening dates, go to www.winethegreenrevolution.com.

François Morel


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